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Amanda Wu

“It was an excellent experience working with Sheri. Sheri was helpful and patient with me,she always explained everything to me because she thought it’s my right to know everything as a buyer. Sheri is very thoughtful, she always finds what I need and gives me the most useful information. Sheri is very efficient, she always finds good ways, the right people to solve problems and get each step right on time. Sheri is a hard worker, she is working all the time, so I can find her immediately whenever I have a question and she always gives me answers as soon as she can. Sheri is the most responsible person I have ever met, she helps me to call everyone I need for my new house in order to get me get settled soon after the closing, and she is still offering to help me with anything I need by now. I 100% recommend Sheri as a realtor agent, she is the number 1 Realtor to me.”
-January 21, 2013, 4929 Melrose Hill St

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