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A small, historic and wealthy urban neighborhood in Central Los Angeles, California. It is highly diverse in ethnic makeup, with a population older and better-educated than the city norm. Many notable Los Angeles residents have lived in Windsor Square, and it is the site of the Getty House, the official residence of the mayor of the city. The English flavor is very much alive and the street names reflect this with Irving, Windsor and Plymouth. The original “Square” ran from Wilshire Boulevard to Third Street, and from Plymouth Blvd. to Irving Blvd and was later expanded to the north, east, and west. Today, Windsor Square runs from Wilshire to Beverly Boulevards, and from Arden Boulevard to Van Ness Avenue. This is inclusive of the one-block strip of Larchmont Village, between First Street and Beverly Boulevard. Windsor Square is often mistakenly called ‘Hancock Park,’ even by long-time residents. But in fact, Hancock Park is immediately to the west. Windsor Square’s homes have the same historic value as in Hancock Park, but most of the homes are built on bigger lots. With 1,100 homes, and it is one of the oldest, most well preserved neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It has broad lawns, mature trees and central location five miles west of downtown and is a garden oasis in the heart of Los Angeles. The Marlborough School for Girls, just three streets over from Larchmont and on Rossmore Avenue, is one of the most prestigious all-girls schools in Los Angeles.


Windsor Square is home to many fine private schools that reflect the diversity of the area. The public schools are outstanding, as well. From Third Street School to Larchmont Charter Schools, your children will blossom as beautifully as the exquisite greenery that defines this unique and majestic area.
  • Third Street Elementary
  • Wilshire Crest Elementary
  • Wilshire Park Elementary
  • Vine Street Elementary
  • Charles H. Kim Elementary
  • John Burroughs Middle
  • Hubert Howe Bancroft
  • Joseph Le Conte
  • Fairfax Senior High
  • Los Angeles Senior High
  • Helen Bernstein High

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