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Malibu Riders Adventure

Malibu Riders Adventure

We charted out the most beautiful trails in the national and state parks of Los Angeles to make a truly unique and natural round-trip loop. Unlike other trails, you don’t see the same view twice!

Malibu Creek State Park: This 1 hour ride starts at Paramount Ranch National Park, then takes you directly into Malibu Creek State Park. You pass through the ranch once owned by former President Ronald Reagan, then continue into a beautiful, majestic forest that opens up to an amazing view of Malibu Lake. This trail ride is a 3 mile loop located in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains of Agoura Hills.

2 hour* (6 mile loop)
Malibu Creek State Park: 2 hour continues on from the 1 hour trail ride, completing a 6 mile loop that takes you deeper into the Santa Monica Mountains, overlooking Century Lake.
*Please call for details and availability of the 2 hour ride

To reserve please visit: https://www.maliburiders.com

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