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Placerita Canyon

Placerita Canyon

19152 Placerita Canyon Rd
Newhall, CA, 91321

Placerita is an east-west running canyon featuring cool, shaded oak groves, a willow and sycamore-lined seasonal stream and numerous other interesting plant and animal communities. The historic “Oak of the Golden Dream” is the site of California’s original gold discovery in 1842. Another landmark is the Walker Cabin, built by Frank Walker in 1920 for his family. A network of self-guiding nature, history and hiking trails radiates out into the park from the Center, with longer hikes leading to a seasonal waterfall and to the top of the Santa Clarita Divide. Picnicking is available near the Nature Center.

DIRECTIONS: About an hour from our area. Take the US-101 North. Keep left to continue on CA-170 N/Hwy 170 N/Hollywood Fwy, follow signs for Sacramento. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for Interstate 5 N/Sacramento and merge onto I-5 N. Take the State Route 14 N/Antelope Valley Freeway exit towardPalmdale/Lancaster. Merge onto CA-14 N. Take the Placerita Canyon Rd exit and turn right.

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