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The Start of the End of 2021-TBG Update 10/17

We have a special and unique offering of 175 N McCadden for sale.  The house was taken down to the studs in 2006 and built new then.  It was just freshly painted entirely inside, all the wood floors were refinished and some replaced, and new carpet went in. The main house is 6900 square feet and the garage is converted to a studio apartment with an adjacent storage room, attic space, and half bath outside for the pool.  The upstairs is divided into family space and then a full 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchenette, an eating space, and a separate staircase and entrance.  Altogether it’s 9 beds and 11 baths.  With the anti mansionization laws that came after this house was constructed, this gem can never be created again so it’s a rare opportunity for a buyer who will thrive on so much space right in the heart of the neighborhood.  My favorite part of the house is how grand and spacious it is everywhere you turn.  On a personal level, the owners had a passion for parties and they used to throw whimsical creative bridal showers in this house for friends and community.  When I walk in the door, in my mind I see the glowing faces of a young bride surrounded by friends and fairytale tablecloths, ribbons, iced cookies, and decor.  Each party was somehow more magical than the one that came before; the extra spacious, meticulously maintained, sunshine filled dining room was the perfect venue and backdrop each time.

It was super cool taking team photos in our office this week.  It was fun to have our conference table covered in makeup as each person took a turn in the seat to get prepped and then photographed.  Team pictures were especially meaningful for me this time.  Over the last year and a half, I curated a new admin team and added members to our sales team.  Now that we’ve melded and become a work family, I look back at the hard work of change and new beginnings and I remember my fear, anticipation, and the hustle of putting a new team together.  A year and a half later, I’m extraordinarily grateful that we’ve surpassed last year’s production and we’re on track to hit our 2021 goals by year’s end.  What I love most about the people in our office are the vibes – enthusiasm and excitement first and foremost, and then collaboration, hard work, commitment to the highest level of customer satisfaction, and service.  I consistently find life to be much like a game of Chute and Ladders. So often the biggest chute turns into the biggest ladder.   The best part is the way we learn, grow, and evolve through change.

The last quarter of the year is hands down my favorite!!!  I love to work hard and as we head toward the end of the year, there is always a flurry of buying and selling as people realize it’s now or never to hit their year-end goals.  I love the energy and excitement in our office of so many busy people!  And I love the passion and determination that end dates bring!  With six weeks to Thanksgiving and Chanukah and then one more month to year’s end, the start of the end of 2021 is here!  Bring it on!

Wishing everyone an awesome weekend!



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